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General Track Rules

All decisions by staff/management are final

Outlaw Drag Strip is not liable for any theft or personal/property damage.

Drag racing can lead to personal injury or damage to property, racers,crew and spectators assume all liability of risk

  • No burnouts allowed in pits/staging areas/return road

  • Alcohol consumption by participating drivers is prohibited during event

  • No alcohol allowed in staging lanes or starting line area

  • NO glass bottles allowed on premises

  • Speed limit in all areas is 10 mph

  • atvs/utvs/carts are to be used as support vehicles only, no joy riding

  • No fighting it will not be tolerated

  • No one under the age of 14 allowed at starting line if not on the crew

  • Children shall be supervised at all times

  • Pet must be on leash and be non aggressive

  • Please clean up after yourself there are trash receptacles in various locations for your convenience

  • No cash refunds

  • Outlaw Dragstrip reserves the right to refuse service at any time

General Racers Rules

  • All competitors must sign-in at the check-in at the gate and obtain a wristband for the day’s event before being allowed entry to any competitor restricted or hot pit area.

  • All racers are required to have long pants & a shirt

  • All racers are required to wear a seat belt.

  • All racers are required to wear appropriate helmet

  • All racers must wear closed toed shoes.

  • If under 18 then must have a Jr's waiver signed ( available at gate )

  • Any racer suspected of racing under the influence will be removed from the track immediately.

  • No cash refunds if an event is rained out a credit will be given for rescheduled date ( rain delays are not to be considered a rain out)

  • All drivers must sign the race waiver at entry at the gate

  • UN-sportsmanlike conduct by driver and/or crew member will be grounds for disqualification.

  • ( We all know this means Bentley Osborn )

  • Cross center is a disqualification

  • Vehicles running street tires need to pull around water box

  • Motorcycle riders must have helmet and jacket and other appropriate safety gear

Car Rules

  • Catch can required

  • Driveshaft loop required on all cars running slicks

  • No holding cars during burnouts

  • Battery must be properly secured

  • No missing wheel studs

  • Any vehicle leaking fluids can be disqualified and/or subject to quick inspection upon return to staging lanes

Outlaw Bracket Rules

1. Must run mufflers and D.O.T. Radial tire only NO slicks, this is an entry level class

2. E.T. cut off is 7.99 and slower

3. Seat belt required

4. Helmet recommended for all classes , but required if faster than 8.59

5. All cars must have Neutral safety switch

6. Radiator overflow Catch Can required no long sections of rubber hose

7. Steel or AN trans cooler lines recommended

8. Battery must be secure

1. Arm restraints on all open bodied cars

2. No delay box can be used (Delay box must be removed from the car)

3. No starting line two step can be used unless a manual transmission

4. NO Trans brake except for backing up if needed (wires to trans brake must be traceable)

5. No button starts this is meant to be a Footbrake class!

6. No throttle stops

7. Air and Electric shifters will be allowed.

8. Helmet required

9. Windows must be rolled up

10.  Radiator over flow catch can No rubber long pieces of rubber hose

11. Must have roll bar if faster than 6.50- and 5-point race harness 3-inch-wide minimum

12. Drive shaft loop required on all cars with slicks , Also required with drag radials if faster than 7.49

13. Must have master cut off switch and visibly marked for easy access by track official if Battery is not in stock location and battery must be secure (No Bungy cords holding it in place.)

14. Neutral safety Switch required

1. Fire Jacket recommended

2. Long pants recommended

3. Delay boxes, Trans Brakes and throttle stops all allowed

Courtesy staging recommended in all classes, dial in must be visible at all times and placed on the driver side of the Vehicle before you drive past the tower and can NOT be changed unless the track is down for extended time and your opponent is notified you are changing your dial doing so without notification could result in disqualification. The starting line operator and track manager have the final say in every race and if computer says you lost then you lost! Check your DIAL in on the score board before staging if you stage you accept what is on the board as your dial in so don’t come to the tower after a race if you stage and accept the race, back out before tree is activated and get the starters attention if your dial is wrong and if the tree activates it’s a race! Outlaw Dragstrip reserves the right to amend or delete any of these rules for any good reason. We also reserve the right to do random inspections of any vehicle at any time!


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